What are the 6 classifications of Chicken Wire Glass?

Chicken wire glass is traditionally made of laminated glass and wire lamination. This chicken wire glass is a digitally printed pattern that looks identical to wire laminated. Printed wire glass can be used in cabinets, doors or accent windows for industrial decor.

Chicken wire glass is also known as shatterproof glass. It is made by heating ordinary flat glass to a red-hot softened state and then pressing the preheated treated wire or wire mesh into the middle of the glass. Its characteristics are superior fire resistance, can shield the flame, high temperature burning does not blow up, broken without causing injury to people. In addition, there are anti-theft properties, glass cut and laminated wire mesh blocking. It is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony windows.

Originally designed as a means of strengthening glass structures a century ago, laminated glass has been repurposed for use today as a stylish and practical architectural feature. Wire laminated glass creates a nostalgic, vintage look, making it a popular choice for homes, hotels and hospitality venues.

Chicken Wire Glass

Six classifications of Chicken Wire Glass:

Clear Chicken Wire Glass

Clear chicken wire glass adds an industrial edge to the interior or exterior of any building, allowing maximum light to pass through and providing a clear view of whatever is on the other side of it. We like clear laminated glass because the focus is on the lamination and the glass provides a neutral backdrop to show it off. It works with other types of vintage glass as well as filigree glass with texture.

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Pebbled Chicken Wire Glass

Pebbled chicken wire glass can be used alone for a soft surreal effect that amplifies light, or in combination with other types of vintage glass. It can be used as a decorative feature to enhance soffits, skylights and window glass, or as a functional element in room dividers or enclosures, while still providing texture and an element of interest. The pebble effect adds a sense of privacy as it blurs the background behind it.

Hammered Chicken Wire Glass

Hammered chicken wire glass can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, both inside and outside of buildings. This vintage glass provides character and charm to both modern and traditional architecture. When used in interior design walls, the glass allows light to propagate from one area of the room to another while still providing a degree of structure to the open-plan environment.

Hammered chicken wire glass can be used to create privacy as it partially obscures the view from the other side. Hammered laminated glass is very effective when you don’t want people to see the other side of the glass, but want a preview of what life is like inside. They cover their storage area with glass in order to peek inside.

The same type of Hammered chicken wire glass can be used to add some old-world feel to a building, such as Cata Restaurant, where the glass is used in combination with yellow lighting. Old-fashioned Hammered chicken wire glass can be used for partitions and enclosures, as well as for wall cladding, elevator interiors and mirror backings in lobbies.

Ribbed Chicken Wire Glass

Ribbed chicken wire glass is a popular material designed in a variety of innovative and unique ways today, and it is as popular for its aesthetics as it is for its practicality. Glass is popular in bathrooms, shower doors and windows because it can shade and provide some privacy while adding character and allowing light to penetrate the room.

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Ribbed chicken wire glass also has practical benefits in the home and is popular for display windows and shelving because it protects anything near the window by blocking the sunlight that causes fabrics and books to discolor.

It is also suitable for use in offices because it provides good sound insulation. It reduces the transmission of sound from one room to another or from the outside of a room to the inside.

Just like any other laminated glass, ribbed laminated glass is fire resistant. It stops the spread of fire because even if the glass breaks in a fire, the pieces are still connected by wires.

The practical advantages of ribbed laminated glass make it suitable for use in public places such as prisons, museums, government buildings, banks, airports and retail stores. Its good appearance makes it versatile and suitable for any environment.

Wormy Chicken Wire Glass

Wormy chicken wire glass adds decorative character to windows, casings and door panels. Its intricate pattern adds depth while obscuring the glass for added privacy. Textured vintage glass also diffuses light to create a softer look, either to natural light or to the different effects emitted by light bulbs.

Wormy chicken wire glass is a prime example of how form and function can intercept. The internal frame of laminated wire adds resilience to the glass, as well as industrial benefits. The gorgeous glass texture balances this out and adds elegance to the overall effect.

Due to its safety properties, worm laminated glass is also popular in modern homes. It is considered a fire-resistant material because in the event of a fire, the wire mesh holds the glass together and prevents it from spreading. If the glass breaks, the wire mesh and thick glass are less likely to shatter.

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Wormy chicken wire glass is also effective in preventing UV rays from entering a room. This is a major benefit for homeowners who wish to prevent discoloration of fabrics and books from sunlight.

It can also be effective in providing soundproofing, making it an effective choice for busy homes and offices. It can add character and privacy to dining areas in restaurants and stores.

Diamond Chicken Wire Glass

Originally manufactured to provide durability, stability and security for industrial buildings and schools, this type of glass is popular in buildings or stylish rustic themes.

Diamond chicken wire glass is a type of safety glass that is 1/4″ thick with metal wires set in diamond shapes.

To let light into your home, consider installing diamond laminated glass in your French doors or skylights. This type of glass is also strong and is a smart choice for a patio or balcony enclosure.

With diamond chicken wire glass, you can create a unique custom kitchen. Flaunt your crystal or copper cookware with diamond wire glass instead of solid cabinet doors. Everything is visible at a glance, so you don’t have to hunt for things in your cabinets.

You can also use chicken wire glass doors on your dining room shelves to protect your books, TVs and keepsake decorations.

Benefits of diamond chicken wire ​glass:

You can use chicken wire glass as a glass wall, glass door or chicken wire glass furniture. The biggest benefit of diamond chicken wire glass is related to security. This glass provides some security, just like someone smashing a window, they also have to deal with fine chicken wire glass screens, which will definitely slow them down.

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