The houses that we design are highly bespoke.
Elegant design and our holistic approach translate to wonderful projects in a range of locations from mountain top to beachside.
Gregory Phillips

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Established in 1991, Gregory Phillips Architects is a London-based architecture practice committed to delivering bespoke, exquisitely executed homes in the UK and abroad.

The firm’s highly experienced team offers a seamless, holistic service encompassing architecture, landscaping and project management.

After training at Bristol University and the Mackintosh School, Gregory Phillips set out to create contemporary homes that are timeless and expertly crafted. He was one of the first architects to pioneer a full service residential design and over decades has accrued unparalleled knowledge of the sector, as well as a reputation for open, light- filled spaces, rich materiality, precise detailing and a strong connection between inside and outside living.

“Our creative team is constantly learning and updating our skillset so that we can present clients with thoughtful, unexpected possibilities. We blend 21st-century innovation with new and traditional techniques for homes our clients are very proud of,” says Phillips.

The firm’s impressive portfolio has been recognised internationally – resulting in extensive press coverage and high-profile industry accolades. These include the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards, International Design and Architecture Awards, International Property Awards, Grand Designs & renowned international newspaper – The Sunday Times.

In 2018 alone, the practice won two awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects and distinction for the ‘Best Individual House in the UK’ and ‘The Best House in Europe’. Two of our most recently completed projects were nominated for the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects ‘House of the Year’ competition and featured on national television.

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From remodelling and additions, to contemporary new-build homes, each commission starts with the unique needs of a client – ensuring a tailored, oneof-a-kind solution perfectly suited to its owner’s lifestyle.

The Practice

Gregory Phillips Architects, established in 1991, is an award winning practice known for its contemporary architecture and interior design. Our ethos is to understand our client’s needs and sensitively translate these into appropriate designs. Through dialogue and attention to detail, we create contemporary, elegant and practical solutions.

We have evolved a process that allows our clients to make informed decisions to allow them to obtain best value for money. We are able to advise so that our clients can match their aspirations and obtain the house that they want. We typically work on new build houses where the budgets range from £2,000,000 to other projects with budgets over £9,000,000. In all our work we are dedicated to helping our clients work to the appropriate budget and to obtain the best value and the best project for them.

We also advise on practicality, the procurement process and energy conservation when we take on a project. We provide a unique holistic professional approach to designing houses which has produced many award winning projects and delighted clients. This is one of the many differences when you work with us.

Over the years we have gained considerable experience and success in obtaining planning consents for our projects and in taking our projects from the concept stage to successful completion of the construction.

We also aim to make the process of having your house redesigned and constructed as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We appreciate that our clients have busy lives, that our clients look to us to provide both design and construction knowledge, we have the right skills and experience.

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We aim to resource our projects so that we provide a high level of architectural and interior design service service so that our clients obtain the house that they will love living in. We aim to consider your requirements in a holistic manner, a professional manner with considerable experience, so that you obtain value for money with both the professional consultants you employ as well as with contractors, craftsmen and suppliers.

The thought of walking into your house that has all the spaces that you want, looks the way you want it to, feels even better than the way you expected it to, has the high level of finishes and craftsmanship that you desire, gives you pleasure and supports your lifestyle is the dream that we look forward to having had completed for you.