How do I know when a tree needs to be cut down?

Trees are an integral part of our landscape in the Southeast, and in many parts of the country, they take up a significant portion of the landscape. As such, they can quickly outgrow their capabilities as food sources, shade cover, wildlife habitat, or water supply. When this happens, how do I know when a tree needs to be cut down? Contact Hernandez Tree for details.

Generally, when trees begin to show signs of slowing or even losing leaves, they are experiencing a lack of nutrients they need to grow. Leaf dropping is often considered a symptom of trees that are sick, so if you are seeing fewer leaves, you may want to consider pruning your tree. If you don’t, over time those leaves will turn brown and die, and the tree could even die from lack of nutrition. As a result, it is often necessary to cut down diseased, or dead-reaching trees. This process is often referred to as “cutting back”, and is perfectly within the scope of your tree service company‘s tree maintenance plans.

However, there are also signs of trees that are simply in need of maintenance. You may find that your tree grows too fast in one season but starts to slow down in the next. It could be a sign of weak growth, a disease, a disturbance, or other problems.

If you find that your trees are growing more slowly than normal, it may simply be time to thin your tree. Trimming, or removing portions of your tree, encourages growth by encouraging the separation between the supporting roots and the crown of the tree. If you choose to trim, it is important to only cut back a portion of the tree’s circumference. Doing so will allow your trees natural growth pattern to resume, thereby ensuring the continued health of your tree.

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How do I know when a tree is in need of pruning? Pruning branches and limbs that are weak and unhealthy can help them grow stronger and healthier. However, it may also encourage new growth that could result in a tree being left with an uneven shape. When pruning weak branches, it is important to do so sparingly, and only when the branch is near the base.

One of the most common causes of trees becoming unhealthy, is poor soil quality. When purchasing new garden soil, it is important to ensure that it contains high quality nutrients and water. When growing your own soil, it is important to ensure that it contains the correct amount of moisture, while also providing the necessary nutrients for the tree. A healthy tree needs plenty of nutrients and moisture to grow and will often display unhealthy signs of growth, such as spindles or leaf discoloration.