Khas, a distinguished name in the world of architectural and furniture hardware, continues to redefine elegance and functionality in home and office spaces. With its retail outlets, Home Hardware Store, conveniently located in Karachi, Lahore, Sukkur, and Bahawalpur. Khas stands as a pioneer in offering innovative and stylish hardware solutions. In this guide, we explore the latest trends in architectural and furniture hardware, illustrating how Khas seamlessly integrates these trends into its diverse product range.

Comprehensive Quality in Everyday Hardware

Khas offers a comprehensive suite that caters to every aspect of home hardware needs, including bathroom accessories, ladders, handles, window fittings, and foot washers. Known for its broad range and versatility, Khas stands out for maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship in every product, ensuring that quality is never compromised, from the most minor accessory to the most significant hardware component.

Pinnacle of Sophistication and Technology

Italtecno represents the zenith of Khas’s offerings, a collection where sophistication meets advanced technology. It offers an exclusive range of premium door handle locks, pull handles, high-end safes, smart and digital locks, and luxurious bathroom and kitchen hinges, setting a new standard in the hardware domain and catering to those who seek the utmost in elegance and technological integration.

Innovative Design Meets Top-Tier Quality

Khas Triumph and Khas Triumph Plus are the epitome of innovation and premium quality. These high-end brands are celebrated for their premium door handle locks, residential entrance main door lock handles, kitchen hinges, and digital locks, combining top-tier quality with forward-thinking design to offer state-of-the-art hardware solutions.

Home Hardware Store

Home Hardware Store

Home Hardware Store

Home Hardware Store

Home Hardware Store

Versatility in Essential Hardware

Khas Maximum and Khas Maximum Plus serve a broad spectrum of needs, offering everything from door handle locks to stoppers and kitchen hinges. These collections emphasize quality and versatile design, ensuring that each piece of hardware is not just functional but also complements the aesthetics of modern homes.

Modern Interpretation of Traditional Hardware

Khas Smart and Khas Smart Plus provide a contemporary take on traditional hardware, offering a range of door handle locks and hinges that blend seamlessly with modern home aesthetics while enhancing the functional aspect of traditional designs.

Security Meets Aesthetics

Khas Maxell is where robust security features meet modern design. This line offers a diverse selection of residential entrance main door lock handles, drawer locks, lever locks, and security safes, ensuring that each product not only enhances the security of your home but also contributes to its aesthetic appeal.

Specialized Solutions for Refined Needs

KGI, including KGI Taiwan & KGI Thailand, specializes in cabinet locks, offering an expanded range of drawer and cupboard locks, automatic pneumatic door springs, and locksets. This line is for those who seek specialized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

Advanced Security in Everyday Hardware

Khas Kilit and Khas Kilit Plus redefine home security with their high-security rim locks, offering unparalleled protection. These collections blend advanced locking mechanisms with sleek design, ensuring that your safety measures are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing. Engineered for resilience and designed for sophistication, these locks are an ideal choice for those who refuse to compromise on security or style. With Khas Kilit, every lock is a testament to the fusion of robust safety features and modern design sensibilities.

Essential Hardware with a Modern Twist

Alunikki and Alunikki Plus provide more than just hardware; they offer peace of mind and reliability in every mechanism. Specializing in drawer locks, night latches, and drawer slides, these collections bring essential hardware into the modern era with a focus on strength, durability, and style. Perfect for the contemporary home, Alunikki products are designed to blend seamlessly into your interior design while providing the functionality and quality that modern living demands. With Alunikki, the essentials are anything but basic.

Functional Style in Everyday Use

Khas Classic turns everyday hardware into a statement of style with its range of drawer locks and cam locks. This line proves that practicality can coexist with elegance, bringing a touch of sophistication to even the most utilitarian items. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring longevity and enduring style. Khas Classic is for those who appreciate the finer details and believe that even the smallest elements should reflect their taste for quality and design.

Balancing Quality and Functionality

Khas Supreme Titan and Khas Supreme Titan Plus are synonymous with reliability and sleek design. These collections offer round locks that are not only robust and secure but also complement the aesthetic of any door. Each product is a result of meticulous design and engineering, ensuring that your security solutions are as visually appealing as they are effective. With Khas Supreme Titan, every lock is an integration of superior craftsmanship and innovative design, setting new standards for what hardware can be.

Economical Choices Without Compromise

Khas Eco is dedicated to offering economical hardware solutions that uphold the integrity of quality and design. This line understands the importance of affordability without cutting corners on craftsmanship or aesthetic appeal. From glass door locks to pull handles, each product is designed to offer reliability and style at a price point that is accessible to all. Khas Eco demonstrates that cost-effectiveness and high quality can go hand in hand, providing options that are both financially smart and visually appealing.

Home Hardware Store: Your Destination for Trend-Forward Hardware

Home Hardware Store, Khas’s retail outlet, is your go-to destination for exploring these trends firsthand. With locations in Karachi, Lahore, Sukkur, and Bahawalpur, the stores offer a curated experience where you can touch, feel, and visualize how Khas’s hardware can transform your space. Our dedicated experts are there to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your choices reflect the latest trends while staying true to your unique style and functional needs.

In the ever-evolving world of architectural and furniture design, Khas stands as your steadfast partner, offering an array of products that not only reflect the latest trends but also set new benchmarks in quality and style. For a space that resonates with your personal aesthetic and stands at the forefront of design trends, visit Home Hardware Store. Let Khas be your guide in transforming your space into a testament to luxury, functionality, and trend-forward design – where every detail matters.