Does outdoor lighting increase home value?

When it comes to home values, outdoor lighting is often a big part of that equation. New Orleans is a city with a very high real estate valuation, and many people think that because New Orleans has such a high real estate valuation, outdoor lighting increases home value. Does outdoor lighting increase home value? It’s hard to say, because like anything else, the answer is ‘not directly’. However, there are some things worth considering.

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First, consider the aesthetics of your home. Outdoor lighting will help you achieve that aesthetic, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. New Orleans is known for its rich culture, music, and food – all of which is achieved through outdoor lighting. By adding outdoor lighting to your house, you add that final touch that completes the ‘homey’ feel. Of course this ‘added touch’ also enhances the overall value of your house.

Second, consider the maintenance of your new outdoor lighting. New Orleans is known for flooding, so if you’re trying to sell your home in an area prone to flooding, you may want to consider purchasing flood proof outdoor lighting. This will give you the peace of mind that your new equipment will withstand any water that may be spilled over it. Just like with any other major home purchase, any upkeep on your new equipment can negatively impact the final sale price of your home.

Finally, consider the safety of your new additions. Outdoor lights are generally non-moving, which can decrease the chance of damage due to theft. This makes them easier to install and can also cut down on installation costs, saving you money. In addition, most homes that have these lights installed have many years of life left on them. This can add a nice little bit of time before replacement is needed. This can give you peace of mind when looking at home prices in many areas.

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Newer home construction in New Orleans often includes such features as a drive way around the home. This makes entering and exiting your home much safer, especially at night. Many of the homes built in the New Orleans area have what are considered “green” flooring options, meaning they have stone or concrete as an option for the flooring of the home itself. Stone can provide the elegance and beauty of natural stone, while concrete provides a solid footing for your home.

When considering does outdoor lighting increase home value, there are many factors to consider. One of them is what you plan to do with your new home once it is on the market. If you are looking for a sale, consider installing some lighting. If you are simply building a new home, consider the safety of your home, and how well it will hold up to future storms and flooding. Either way, keep the factors above in mind to determine the final selling price of your home.