Custom Seagrass Rugs in your New Home Dining Room

When you finally settle into your new home, thoughts of decorating and filling the empty spaces with warmth come to the forefront. As the formal gathering spot for family and guests, your dining room is a focal point of interior design. One of the ways to complement your décor and add aesthetics to the room is by putting down an area rug. The typical first thought is to go with a dyed and patterned option, but why not consider a more natural area rug? One of the increasingly popular choices are custom seagrass rugs, which offer some unique advantages over the common carpet.

What Exactly Is Seagrass?

As the name implies, natural seagrass is an environmentally sustainable material that is sourced from plants which grow in saltwater regions of the world. It is plentiful, easy to harvest, and economical. The fibers undergo little processing before being spun and woven together, and contain no dyes or toxic chemicals. Seagrass rugs provide some other benefits when compared to their counterparts:

  • Softer underfoot than some other natural fibers
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Less likely to hold allergens
  • Water-repellant

The natural fibers provide an inherent stain resistance, and since dirt does not embed into them they are relatively easy to keep clean. Their strength is great for high-traffic areas which is an important quality for a dining room floor covering. Since shades of the rugs are earthier beiges and tans, a border can provide color accents if desired.

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What Is the Right Size?

Just like a rug for any other area, getting the correct dimensions for your dining room seagrass rug is crucial. If it’s too large, it can appear to swallow the room and make it look unbalanced. When it’s too small, sliding chairs in or out can be an awkward practice, and they could even scratch floors since the rug can’t offer protection. The best practice is to measure the size of your table and then add 36 to 48 inches to those values in order to arrive at the correct rug size. Ideally, this should be performed with all table leaves and extensions in place. The goal is to achieve balance in the distances to the table and the walls.

No matter the size and shape of the room, consider the eco-friendly option of a seagrass area rug when you begin searching for the perfect covering for your formal eating place. Not only are they healthier and more eco-friendly, their style and durability will provide your home with a beautiful look for years to come.