3 Great Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation Projects

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Homeownership is one of life’s most significant investments. That is why home improvement projects are so important. Besides offering benefits to a homeowner, they are considered a vital way of maintaining and improving property value. A wide variety of projects can be undertaken to substantially improve a home without major renovations.

Knowing The Best Projects To Invest Your Time and Money In

There are three basic categories of home improvements. These are home improvements that beautify a home, improve the quality of living in or at the home, and home maintenance projects that must be done to preserve the home’s structural or mechanical systems. This can include projects that upgrade the siding or maintain, repair or replace the roof. Projects in these categories are valuable time and money investments.

Specialized tasks such as electrical, plumbing repairs should be completed by a licensed professional in the field to ensure the integrity and safety of the finished project. Roof installation and repairs should be completed by a professional Brooklyn roofing specialist that concentrates on Brooklyn residential and Brooklyn commercial roofing to ensure the materials are correctly installed.

Finishing A Basement

Building a finished basement is an excellent project for homeowners that creates additional square footage in a home without the expense of adding to the structure. For homes that have a walkout basement, the new livable space offers an even more significant financial asset boost. There are a variety of ways to learn the basics of this kind of home upgrade. Do-It-Yourself books, videos, and tutorials can be quite beneficial.

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Installing sheetrock to walls and ceilings is reasonably straightforward. If you know how to swing a hammer and use a drill, this project will prove to be relatively easy. The only areas where a professional contractor will need to be hired is for the electrical, heating, and plumbing if you decide to have a lower level bathroom. Many homeowners use a different heat type in finished basements than the main heat source for this space, such as an electric baseboard, which is easy to install and maintain.

Create a Master Bedroom Suite

This is an easy project for people who have either a large master bedroom, an extra-large walk-in closet, or extra space in an adjoining room that they can convert into a bathroom. The biggest concern with this is ensuring any wall you are trying to move is not a weight-bearing wall. Traditionally, closets and adjoining walls are not of concern to be removed. It’s best to have this verified before starting construction.

Using a home inspector or construction specialist to inspect the area is recommended before construction begins. The electrical and plumbing work, including fixtures, should be completed by a licensed professional. Still, all the basics of the walls, flooring, and cabinetry installation can readily be done by a homeowner.

Build An Outdoor Living Space

Building an outdoor living space is a great way to add value to a home, is relatively easy to do, and is also an excellent way to expand living space. These areas start with a concrete patio and must have a roof installed and electricity to be considered actual outdoor living space. Since they do not have to be attached directly to a home, homeowners can buy either a gazebo, pool house, or cabana kit to create the base structure. The concrete flooring, along with the electricity, should be installed by a professional. However, the outdoor flooring materials that cover the concrete and many of the other amenities such as cabinetry and grilling stations can be easily built by a handy homeowner.

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The outside living space’s base structure can either come from a building kit or a preconstructed outdoor building delivered to your home. These areas allow homeowners to have more time to enjoy the outdoors, even during the cooler months and rainy periods.

No matter what home improvement project you undertake, be sure to use a professional when an expert traditionally does the area of improvement for safety and structural integrity. Homeowners who are a bit handy can do amazing things and save thousands of dollars when doing these projects as long as they don’t cut corners or do projects best completed by licensed professionals.